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Before the Circumcision

Our Circumcision Method

All the following steps are taken to ensure minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Your son is given up to 1 ml of Tempra (Infants Tylenol, 80 milligram/milliliter concentration) at home half an hour before the procedure.

At the clinic, we will apply a topical anesthetic cream that numbs the penile skin.

Then, he will be given an injection into soft tissue alongside the penis called a dorsal penile ring block. By this time, the anesthetic cream will have numbed the skin. The injection will therefore be minimally discomforting.

After 10 minutes, the penis will become “frozen” and the circumcision can be performed.

During the circumcision, your baby will receive sugar pacifiers to suck on, which will reduce his pain perceptions.

This circumcision technique only takes 30 to 60 seconds. However, the preparations described above require you to be with him at our office for a period of approximately one hour. Also during this time, all of the post procedure care will be carefully reviewed  with you. For your additional peace of mind, an after care instruction manual will be given to you to take home as well.

pollock technique circumcision method for baby

It is best if your baby is fed before arriving at the clinic so that he will not be overly hungry while you are completing the paperwork prior to the procedure. Should your baby be hungry when you arrive, you may feed him for 15 minutes as soon as you get to the office.

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Anatomy of the Circumcision

The uncircumcised penis with the foreskin covering the glans(head of the penis) .This is how it would appear, looking on from the side.

The same penis as in the figure 1 but drawn as if the foreskin was transparent. Here you can see the foreskin in relation to the glans. Note the adhesions between the inner side of the foreskin and the glans. These are present at the birth in almost all babies and must be released before the actual circumcision.

This shows the foreskin stretched forward and through the central slit of a mogen. Notice the outline of the glans(shaded) safely behind the mogen. The cut is made along the front surface of the mogen.

The same penis following the circumcision. Notice that the cut edge of the skin retracts to just behind the back rim of the glans. This is the site of healing.

Although the circumcision takes under 30 seconds, we require you to be in our office for one hour and fifteen minutes in total so that we can carefully review with you all post procedure care and answer any of your questions.